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Edward Mendelson Microsoft Excel (for iPad) Excel is the only spreadsheet program available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, and it's a surprisingly powerful iPad app, especially if you pair it with the iPad Pro.


Back in April 2014, I wrote about the first release of Microsoft’s Excel for iPad, and I found it to have a well-designed UI and most of the features of the desktop version. It was missing some things, like the ability to print, but it was an impressive debut. The biggest issue, of course, was cost: You needed a...


Download Microsoft Excel and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


1. Создание нового документа в Microsoft Excel на iPad. Аналогично многим другим офисным пакетам, созданным человечеством, в том числе фирменному редактору электронных таблиц от Apple под названием Numbers, Microsoft Excel позволяет создать новый документ не только...


Excel and PowerPoint on the iPad Pro ... Microsoft in education; Office for students


MS Excel for iPad is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft Corporation.


Microsoft 365. Решения для предприятий. Платформа данных.


Microsoft has brought the popular Office suite to the iPad, including full featured versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


The big Microsoft Office for iPad news is that it's here – today – and that it's completely free to download. But to use the full featureset you'll be required to have an Office


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